Sunday, July 31, 2016

Oh, look, it is a Pegaso with an electrical failure

Spoke too soon, didn't I ?

That fuse blowing incident earlier this year, the one I forgot to get to the bottom of. Just bit me.

I had just packed the bike to head of for a weekend of camping, drinking and talking bollocks with other Peg owners. I climbed on, turned the key .... nothing.

Seat off, checked the main fuse, yep blown. Put in new fuse, switch on and the system asked for the magic code (the one that says it does not recognise the key). Not good. Especially when smoke rises from under the tank.

Switch off, ignition stayed on and smoke continued.

Rip fuse out. Breath a sigh of relief.

Unpacked, threw all the gear on the XJR and headed off (with Jean on her Peg).

I got home today and stripped the bike, under the tank was a nice mess with some melted wires and the key antenna ones had also come away (probably heat induced).

Wiring is not one of my skills, so I have bodged it together so that  I can run it up to a man that does have the skills. Another tank off job event in the coming weeks (man  that can is on holiday).

Of course it will make it to Orkney at the end of August !

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Time flies

It has been nearly a year since my last post, some people may think that means the bike is dead.

Fear not, she is still running and managed the Morocco trip.

That was blogged here,
(First post here)

Since then she has only broken down once (so far), blowing a fuse in February where we collected Jean's new (2009 reg) Peg which she will ride to Mongolia. The plan being that I retire the "Bastard" and use Jean's other Peg.

In the mean time just so that my bike did not feel left out we took a three week trip to the Outer Hebrides.  We may have been sidetracked occasionally.

And despite rain everyday, sometimes all day, she behaved flawlessly. So the only donkey on this trip was in the one in the stable next to us.

Provided she gets through another MOT she will be off to Orkney in August, I'll have to do the maths between the three dashboards I have used, but if the 80,000 miles have not been passed yet. They soon will be.